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Annual Preferential and Overnight Parking Permits*

** Per City of Los Angeles Ordinance No. 180059, new permit rates are in effect as of August 30, 2008.

Beginning in 2018, Annual Permits will be distributed in the form of hangtags. Permit Holders must display the hangtags when the vehicle is parked within the district in order to avoid being cited. Motorists must hang the permit from the vehicle's rear view mirror with the expiration date and license plate number facing outward so it is visible to Parking Enforcement Officers.

Annual Permits are valid for one year and each household is limited to three Annual Permits (except where special conditions have been assigned by City Council). Preferential Parking permits cost $34.00 each per year, and Overnight Parking permits cost $15.00 each per year.

Permits may be purchased for the full year. However, since each district has a set month for renewal, the price of your first annual permit may be prorated depending upon how much time is left in your permit year.

Annual Permits allows the permitted vehicle to park anywhere within the limits of the assigned parking district on streets posted with "Preferential Parking District" (for Preferential Permits) or "Overnight Parking District" Signs (for Overnight Permits). Parkers must still observe additional posted restrictions (such as red zone or street cleaning).

In order to purchase an annual permit, you must provide the following:

  1. Current vehicle registration (or if leased, a copy of the lease, or if registering a company vehicle, a letter on company letterhead from the employer confirming the license number of the vehicle and the name of the employee applicant). The vehicle must be in the resident's name and registered to the address within the district and show license plate, make, model and year of vehicle:

  2. Two additional proofs of residency. The following may be used for this purpose:

    • Driver's license
    • Property Tax Bill or rental/lease agreement
    • Utility Bill (Cable TV, Telephone landline only, Gas, Water, or Electric)

If you have just moved to the area and do not have a vehicle registration, please purchase a four- month visitor's permit until your registration is updated.

Visit one of the Public Service Centers to obtain a permit in-person.

If you already have an active account, visitor permits may be purchased online, picked up from one of our four convenient Public Service Centers or requested by mail.