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Welcome to the City of Somerville Pay-By-Web service. We hope you find this service helpful. If you would like a receipt for this transaction please retain your confirmation number.
Please Note:
  1. Tickets are normally available within 4 days of issuance but may take as long as 14 days.
  2. Internet payment is not available for towed or booted vehicles.
  3. If your license or registration is on hold with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles due to unpaid parking tickets, you must first pay all outstanding tickets and then call the City of Somerville Traffic and Parking Department during business hours at 617-666-3311 in order to have your record cleared at the Registry of Motor Vehicles by the Department.
  4. When entering your ticket number do not include spaces or hyphens. Example: 12345678- 9 is input as 123456789
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